Why Strategy Line?

Our principals place considerable pride and stake their personal success on the fact that they tell their clients what they really think.  In fact that’s why clients hire us – and that’s what we’re here for:

  • To bring amazing ideas to life.
  • To raise funds for your business with great products and services.
  • To make sure the local world knows how great your products and services are both online and off.

Few consulting companies can claim this breadth of first hand experience:

Boardroom and Startup Experience

  • Conceptualized business ideas, taking them all the way to the public markets with valuations in excess of $50 million.
  • Raised more than $15 million for a single ventures & raised funds for startups, private and public companies.
  • Completed Mergers & Acquisitions in Public and Private Markets.
  • Negotiated and helped manage the Integration of small independent firms into larger organizations.
  • Patented technologies, negotiated licenses for patent distribution and managed the sale of patented technologies.

Go-to-Market Strategy:

  • Re-engineered go-to-market strategies and re-developed corporate presentations, with a recent client winning Business Start-Up of the Year award.
  • Designed a mechanism which highlighted our client’s unique value proposition to their target customers which resulted in $1.8 million in software sales in less than 90 days.
  • Launched new products in new geographic markets, (including negotiation of exclusive rights for global territories), providing all localization services necessary for product launch.
  • Developed our own Reality Check service – designed to flush out sales and product ideas before they become expensive failures.

Client Services & Online Solutions

  • Allowed our clients to deliver resort-based training seminars on a global scale, managing teams and infrastructure to facilitate delivery perfection.
  • Incubated new ideas for clients, enhancing value, expanding the potential and providing an impartial voice.
  • Helped deliver over 500 corporate seminars & industry conferences to clients from over 30 countries; providing subject matter expertise, managing teams and overseeing infrastructure to facilitate delivery perfection.
  • Connected clients to valuable business resources resulting in over $30 million in new revenues.
  • Created and Implemented online business strategies for clients to help expand their business online with one client generating over $500K in recurring revenue within 9 months.

But that’s all just history now, isn’t it?

While history is important, it’s not what we’ve done in the past for others that matters most to you and your business. It’s what can we do for you today.

Contact Strategy Line to find out more.