Business Services

Strategy Line provides a number of open ended services that may be a good fit for your particular situation. And, we understand every client is different and has their own resource limitations, experience or goals.

We can quickly help you to decide what steps are necessary to carry out your objectives.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Having worked on both the buy and sell sides of transactions, we understand the mindsets, needs and wants of all transaction stakeholders and have the ability to drive transactions, in a validated and efficient process, that keeps all parties focused on the important portions of the transaction.

  • Strategic M&A planning
  • Target identification, structuring and negotiating
  • Due diligence process management
  • Financial and capital modelling
  • Acquisition financing

Funding & Market Driven Services

Capital Raise and Funding Initiatives

We provide an objective review of the current financing modelling and will create the mechanics for, and the preparation of, investor information packages and funding presentations.

  • Raising capital for growth, liquidity, recapitalizations, acquisitions and sale
  • Restructuring debt to improve working capital, financing terms, cash flow

Go-to-Market Re-Engineering

Getting products or ideas to market, or finding the right partners to do this requires a strategy.  But sometimes the one you think is the most obvious is not the one which brings you the biggest chance of success.

Incubation Services

Have an idea and want to see where it can take you? We can help develop the model, incubate the idea and build a team to help you deliver it to the world.

Market Expansion – Localization, Distribution & Sales

With our established relationships with organizations, entities and individuals, Strategy Line seeds your new markets by providing turn-key seasoned sales or distribution channels for hard goods, services and software products. Whether you are expanding into or from North America, Asia, Europe or the South Pacific, our principals have proven experience selling solutions and services into 50 countries around the globe.

  • Localization Planning, Written Translation Services
  • Country/Regional Market Analysis for Expansion Planning
  • Distribution Negotiation

Training, Leadership and Development

One of the biggest challenges for organizations is find ways to bridge the gap between learning and doing. There’s a big misconception around the idea that knowledge is power. The reality is, that until you actually take action and do something with that new-found knowledge it’s nothing more than impressive dialog at a cock-tail party. While there are plenty of talkers out there, real success comes in doing. Our ‘learn by doing’ training methods allow your employees to not only get the skills they need but also gain the confidence by applying what they’ve learned.